STEM Building, Ardingly College

Project Details

Client: Ardingly College

Architect: van Heyningen & Hayward

QS: Mortimer Isaacs Consultancy

Value: £2.4 million

Date: Summer 2018


The construction of a new building utilising a reinforced concrete frame to provide new facilities for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths department. The construction began following the demolition of an existing building within the heart of the occupied school campus.  Logistics have been carefully planned to ensure the highest level of safety to the staff and students occupying the school throughout the course of the works.  This has included a separate works compound away from the build and the construction of temporary infrastructure to facilitate the safe segregation and movement of staff and students around the school.    We have worked successfully for this client on a number of projects and are delighted to be continuing our relationship with them.

Russell Cawberry has a deep understanding of the education market and a recognition of the impact that their work can have if not carefully managed. Director of Operations, Ardingly College