Build it Right First Time, Every time…..

Russell Cawberry has a documented Quality Management System which is accredited to ISO 9001: 2015. The purpose of our Quality Management System is to provide high-quality construction services, providing projects free of defects, constructed by skilled employees and craftsmen, utilising high-quality construction materials.

A high percentage of our turnover is generated from satisfied clients who rely on Russell Cawberry Ltd as their contractor of choice, demonstrating our ability of consistently delivering high standards of build quality and customer satisfaction.

Within our Quality Management System, there are specific procedures which clearly describe how we control and manage each specific activity within the construction process. Our procedures are implemented on site by the Directors, Contracts Manager and Site Management Team. Quality is audited on a regular basis through daily inspections with specific sign-offs before subsequent trades can commence work.  Any non-conformities are addressed with any significant issues recorded and reports issued for relevant action.

We have a team of professionals who are all trained and incentivised to follow our quality processes. This structure provides a management framework that gives us the necessary controls to address risks and monitor and measure performance.  It also helps us to achieve continuous improvements through proactive internal and external communication.

The principles of our Quality Management are written within the company Quality Policy and include:

  • Ensure the right people and materials are in place to meet the client design intent based on capability, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm
  • Ensure quality of materials and components is agreed through a process of samples offered prior to construction using quality subcontractors and suppliers from our partnered supply chain.
  • Ensure delivery teams have a comprehensive understanding of the project, “Build it right, first time, every time.”
  • Ensure proactive and rigorous checking and snagging throughout the construction phase to achieve the level of quality agreed and expected
  • Supporting end-users and facilities teams through providing comprehensive Business Management System manuals and Operating and Maintenance Manuals.