Imperial College London | Royal School of Mines

Project Details

Client: Imperial College
Architect: Burwells Architects
Value: £0.6 million

Completion: September 2019

When we started this design and build project there were five things we had to concentrate on.

  • The use of natural lighting - to increase productivity and comfort levels for occupants.
  • The use of acoustic panelling - to provide unhinded comprehension and ultimately concentration levels.
  • Minimising sound bouncing off hard surfaces to remove echoes around the theatre.
  • Ventilation, air change rate and air conditioning - To ensure we provide a comfortable environment to ensure optimum air quality.
  • Audiovisual equipment - to deliver and stimulate students on both a visual and intellectual level.
  • To ensure technology facilitates engagement and communication within lecture theatres due to the ability to control visual imagery and sound simultaneously for the purpose of the presentation that is to be communicated.
  • Wheelchair access, fire protection and easy access to fire escapes to ensure the theatres are available to all.

The theatre has received plaudites from all those who are using it.