The Royal Exchange

Project Details

Client: C.G.I.S Royal Exchange Ltd
Quantity Surveyors: C & W

Value: £150,000


The project required the repair and replacement of the glazing to the atrium within the historic and listed Royal Exchange. A scaffold platform was constructed over the existing glazed roof to facilitate access to the high level areas to carry out the removal / replacement of the 18 no damage sections.

Works were undertaken during the weekends whilst the building was unoccupied and each piece of glass was painstakingly removed and replaced using a MEWP from within the courtyard area which was transported by hand through the main entrance of the building and positioned within the atrium to help free up the glass from below. Mechanical glass suckers and winches were fully designed into the scaffold structure to lift the glass out from above. Large cranes were utilized to lift all of the main equipment onto the roof before the works could state which required a major road closure.