University College Hospital | Emergency Department

Project Details

Client: University College Hospital

Value: £1.2 million

Date: Summer 2021


This project saw the reformation of the resusitation unit in the Emergency Department of University College London hospital on the Euston Road.

UCLH is a 24 hour a day extremely busy central London hospital. This project was delivered in the summer of 2021.

This project was only possible because of the works Russell Cawberry had completed in other parts of the Emergency Department. The project had many intricate elements to complete and is situated in the heart of the Emergency Department.

The resus unit was temporarily recited within the Emergency Department. Russell Cawberry were given 6 weeks to complete this substantial refurbishment.

The resultant unit is state of the art. It allows each patient to be individually treated within their own sealed off space, ensuring increased infection control, ventilation and lighting controls. Whilst also providing dedicated staff area and highly advanced patient monitoring systems.